About us

"Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you back home"

"Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you back home"

So here we are on the mountain at Litjvatnet, some 30 years after H.J Kristensen & Sönner left their fishing nets, hooks and sinkers in the old boat house. You never know what´s ahead of you and that´s in our world the true beauty of life.

We worked, met and fell in love in Qatar in 2013 - right in the middle of the aluminium industry - where we both happened to work. Fred Inge is an electrical engineer with many years of experience from the oil and gas industry in Norway, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Helén holds a master of law degree and has primarily worked in the telecom industry in Sweden and Qatar.

We have both been driven by and nurtured a dream to leave “city life” and live closer to all the elements of nature. During a visit to Fred´s birthplace Vassdalsvik in northern Norway in May 2014 the idea to transform the "Mølla" house and the old boat house into a hotel/rorbue was born.

The smell of Sandefjord and Stockholm will soon be traded for the smell of damp ancient rocks, crumbling cordage, sea salt, gutted fish, sweet cloudberries and mountain birch.

What we want to give you is a unique opportunity to be entirely in command of how you want to experience this part of the world, whether it is - as our friend Karoline says: "I don´t need any activities, I just want to sit here on the pier and look out over the ocean for a few days" or you want to do a private “Ironman” on glacier, mountain and ocean.

We love to support people in achieving their dreams and goals and know by own experience that they can look very different over time. We are known for always offering a warm, social and hospital environment among family and friends. This is of course what you can expect from us as well.

From the depth of our hearts we would love to have you at our Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge!

Fred Inge & Helén


PS. Expect a stay out of the ordinary – for your solitude, your personal well being, your wish to come back to your ordinary life even as a greater person. DS.