Mountains & Ocean

Like a gigantic amusementpark...only so much better...


“The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man”

And sometimes neither the human spirit nor the human mind can use or even find proper words to describe what they actually are sensing or experiencing. And that´s ok, really ok, beacuse as long as you are "sensing" and "experiencing" you feel so much alive, free in spirit and mind and happy, happy, happy! That´s simply what the grandeur of Northern Norway makes to you, words are not enough, not by far. Walking slowly on skis on the mountain in the midnight sun or paddling silently on a calm fjord with family and friends are memories you can treasure throughout your life.  

There are so many things you can do and for that sake decide not to do while staying with us at Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge

  • Sit down on the pier with a cup of coffee during sunrise waiting for the first toothed whale to come up and say good morning
  • Take your fishing gear, put your backpack on with a beer and a salmon sandwich and walk up to Vassdalsvatnet to bring back a trout or two for dinner
  • Walk up the mountain to Litjvatnet watching the never setting midnightsun
  • Bike on the Kystriksveien Coastal Road. In total 650 kilometres you can bike on one of the world´s most beautiful coastal roads. Those who dare to challenge the late autumn and winter months are often rewarded with the rare opportunity to pedal beneath the northern lights. For more info please visit

And if you want us to accompany you we can for example do

  1. Sea Eagle Safari - we take our boat and steer towards the Meløy and Skjærpa islands just across the pier. Have one or two of Helén´s cinnamon roles, sip on your coffee and suddenly one or more of the true kings of the skies will brush the froth from your coffee... 
  2. Guided mountain tours around Vassdalsvik - let a Viking lead you up the mountain and be sure that he or she will offer you e.g. a Nordlandspils and a Vassdal reindeer wrap while looking out over the fjord and the distant Lofoten and Værøy Islands
  3. Rent our Sea Kayaks - explore in your pace the greatness of the turquoise atlantic archipelago with thousands of islands, shores, beautiful animals and the incessantly changing colours throughout the day

Other wonders within easy reach from Vassdalsvik

  • Svartisen is Norway’s second largest glacier and at just 20 m above sea level, it is the lowest glacier in mainland Europe. It´s splendid for spectacular hikes. It takes you approx 70 minutes to reach the Engabreen glacier tongue from Vassdalsvik. And it´s worth every single minute! For more info please visit
  • Saltstraumen - located north of the Arctic Circle right outside Bodø. Here you will find the world’s strongest maelstrom. See one of the wonders of the world at close quarters, as an onlooker on the shore, or in a boat with a local guide. For more info please visit
  • Fykantrappan is a 100 year old staircase built by the navvies, who worked on the mountain to lead water down to Glomfjord powerstation in 1919. The staircase has 1129 steps and it will take you approx 60 minutes in moderate pace to reach the top, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, learn more about the navvies hard work and have something to eat at restaurant Rallarbrakka. For more info please visit