Want to have a conference in the old repairhouse for fishing nets?

"After some 15 years in the Telecom industry I still believe in nothing else than meeting people face to face when you need to talk about important things, no matter where the technology have taken us today," says Helén, while walking around in the lounge, which former served as repairhouse for fishing nets. Here you have the fjord and mountains right outside the windows. 

Honestly we did not really have any plans to have conference guests at Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge, but suddenly people started to ask if they could come anyway and we thought, why not, so if you are a not too big group - I´d say that we can take care of approx 12 guests as of today (if you accept to share the room with your colleague/friend/spouse).

We hardly have any conference equipment (except for WiFi/LAN), but we have sofas with reindeer skins, rustic tables, a big fireplace, an enormous pier, savory food, sea eagle safari, fishing, mountain hiking and eventually waves lulling you to sleep...

Give us a call on + 47 971 77 608 or send us an email on and we will contact you for planning and preparation. We look forward to take care of you regardless of your motives and we look broadly on the concept of conference - business, chess get together, elk hunter debriefing, birdwatcher meeting or a bridal shower -

you name it!