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2017 - The Year of the Rooster

We offer a wide range of amazing events and activities either on our own or together with highly skilled and great people, who are based locally or further away. We don´t believe in "market segmentation" meaning that we should focus on a specific type of activity and customer. Why should we? Vassdalsvik is a perfect place for everyone and more or less everything! "Purity, passion and lot´s of adventures" for everyone - that´s what we stand for <3 So have a look on what we offer 2017 and if you miss anything you would like to do just let us know and we will arrange it together with you!

Sorry for just having some of the info below in Swedish/Norwegian - if it looks interesting just give Helén a call on +47 971 77 608 and she will explain in English (translation will come)


So what about the Rooster - according to the Chinese calendar we are now in the year of the Rooster and more precisely the Fire Rooster - Characteristics for this type of rooster - trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work. Yeah, we can sign up on that eventhough the timekeeping part is sometimes a little tricky ;-) There are simply so much we want to show you here! But we promise to do our best <3
Painting on the pier 2016

Painting on the pier 2016

Akvarellkurs mellan fjäll och fjord

Följ med på försommarens härligaste kurs och måla akvarell under ledning av akvarell-pedagogen och konstnären Marianne Chayet, känd för att smitta alla med sin sprudlande varma och glada personlighet! Förra sommarens succé måste naturligtvis göras om och den 5 – 11 juni är ni varmt välkomna att uppleva några magiska dagar i och kring Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge.

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Obi Schöttker (Photobi)

Obi Schöttker (Photobi)

Vernissage and pub June 17

A fantastic night in the midnightsun with photos by Photobi - "Nordland" and some chilled beer and ruby red wine on the pier. One of Obi´s wonderful photos will come up for auction for a waterproject. See you at 7 PM until the sun sets...


Akvavit Tasting June 30

Mark the day! More info will follow, but you will take part in a very special event where you YOU will help US to create the VSL Signature drink!