Cooking with Love

Thank you Cecilia Davidsson for the lovely pic!

"In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine."

- Robin Leach

"Did someone say food?!"

- is something Helén often exclaims, and we believe that her - should we say -  preoccupation with food and eating is something she shares with, well - many people... So in order to make your life a little easier we offer the possibility to order food and something to drink in The Pier House lounge and dining area. Guests from The Pier House flat and The Servants Crib share this space for dining and the only requirement we have is that you tell Helén one day in advance so that she can make preparations for let´s say:

  • Lasagna a la The White Grouse from Småland (sorry Italian friends, but this is no 1 worldwide)
  • Absurdly tasty "Shrimp Guzzle"
  • Fred´s fried friend Cod (obviously Fred is going to be the chef here)
  • Boeuf Bourguignon (sorry French friends but after secret number of hours hours in the owen you cannot beat this!)

- and since Helén cannot end a good meal without something sweet -

  • Blackberry Parfait Passion
  • Rawmazing Raspberry cake (Fred hates yoga food, but he admits that he loves this one)
  • Soul Control´s Choko Shock
  • Apple Roses from Garden of Eden

Prices vary depending on what´s on the menu, but don´t worry, we don´t sympathise with companies, which has as philosophy to fleece people into the bare bones. Children under the age of 12 are charged only half of the price.